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GUS is a Lab-mix single born in November 2010. GUS was purchased from Ventosa Kennel. GUS completed his narcotic detection training in September 2012 and worked as a narcotics detection K-9 till his retirement in 2019. GUS had several large seizures of narcotics and currency that led to hundreds of arrests during his career. GUS was involved with several different undercover and uniformed agencies. GUS is known for his high drive and friendly personality. GUS also participated in Iron Dog competitions during his career. GUS now enjoys relaxing, swimming, boating, endless toys, road trips, bringing joy to everyone and lots of love. GUS enjoys retirement but still loves to sniff everything.



Jeny is a German Wirehaired Pointer who was born 2-14-10. Jeny was purchase from Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville, PA. Jeny worked for the Chesterfield County Police Department from 2012 to 2018. She work with both undercover and uniformed officers from local, state and federal jurisdictions.  Jeny assisted in numerous drug arrests and seizers of guns, cars and large sums of money.  One of Jeny’s largest seizures of drugs was an alert on a vehicle where 50 lbs. of marijuana was located inside two suitcases. She participated in several Virginia Police Work Dog Association Iron Dog Competitions over her years of service and placed numerous times in the top three of her division. Jeny was known for her boundless energy, goofy smile and friendly/silly personality. Jeny is still full of energy as a retired dog and always follows her people around at the house. Jeny loves to go on walks, runs, look for her hidden dog toys and lay in “her” recliner. 



K-9 Kaiya is a German Shepherd originally from Slovakia. She became a member of the Richmond Police Department's Canine Unit in 2012. Officer Mullins and K-9 Kaiya served as a narcotics detection K-9 team for eight years. Kaiya retired in 2019 after a very successful career and now enjoys playing ball, palling around with her yellow Labrador sister, Libby, and swimming in the river. 

K-9 Kaiya_edited.jpg


How would you be so lucky to have two handlers during your career. Well "Taz" did just that! Taz started out with Officer Rhodenizer and finished his career with Officer Webster. Taz was one of our patrol dogs that located persons by tracking them. He also had a nose for finding things like guns, shell casings, articles of clothing or other items of interest on crime scenes. He enjoys his days now with Officer Rhodenizer playing outside and getting lots of treats.


K-9 TJ

"TJ" is a Belgian Malinois born on 5-23-2014 and was handled by Officer Painter. K9 "TJ" and Officer Painter finished school together in 2015 and worked together until TJ retired in 2019 for health issues. TJ had a very productive career. He was a great tracking dog and found many persons or articles at crime scenes. He enjoys his days now relaxing at home with his family and lots of play time outside.

K9 Roke2.jpg


K9 Zorro is a Dutch Shepherd and one of Chesterfield County Police Departments single purpose drug dogs. His handler is Sean Norman. He came to Chesterfield K9 back in 2017 as a donated dog from the US Customs and Border Protection Canine Program and has not missed a beat since. During his tenure he was attributed to seizing over 36 pounds of marijuana and over a quarter million dollars. He has also located many other illegal drugs and in just the last year alone helped get 23 firearms off the streets. K9 Zorro has been a great team member of the Chesterfield County Canine Section and we wish him well in his retirement with his handler Sean.

K9 Zorro.jpg
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