It Takes A Special Dog

... with the right personality and learning capability to serve alongside police officers. Police dogs perform a variety of tasks within law enforcement departments, like catching criminals, sniffing out drugs and rescuing people trapped under debris

A Police Canine Program

Teams the local community with the police department in an effort to discourage criminal activity and solve crimes more effectively. Police dogs also serve as ambassadors to strengthen public relations

The Chesterfield Count Police K-9 Association

UPON RETIREMENT ... The canine officer is given to his human partner, who assumes all responsibility for the dog's care and well being

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE ... Chesterfield PD K9 Association provides financial help to those who care for these retired canine public servants

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT ... With your help, police officers will always have the resources to care for retired K-9s

BECOME A DONOR ... You can make a donation right now! Credit card payments securely accepted online, or mail us a check

Our Mission

The Chesterfield County Police K-9 Association provides veterinary care and nutritional food for the retired K-9s and assistance to the handlers. Looking forward ... to assist the Chesterfield County Police K-9 Unit with training and educational support.